History and Company Background

STOK Engineering Ltd. was established in 2002 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, by Stoyan Kiryakov (M.Sc. Eng.) with the goal of providing engineering solutions to a set of local companies in the food and beverage industries. The company began in-house manufacturing in 2004 and has since maintained the highest level of quality standards in both engineering and manufacturing.

The decades of expertise of our founder and chief engineer, Mr. Kiryakov, as well as the experience of our team of engineers, have enabled STOK Engineering to create a differentiated portfolio of solutions and products. Our innovative designs provide clients with cost-efficient products and highly-customized solutions. We have also helped clients benefit from our specific industry-domain knowledge.

  • We have helped clients of our donut machine product line start up successful ventures in over 50 countries around the world
  • We support clients with supply chain solutions, including supply of donut mix and merchandising
  • All our machines conform to the highest European safety and food-processing sanitary standards
  • Our donut machines are CE-certified by an independent European Union laboratory
  • We provide parts and repairs at cost after warranty expiration 
  • Our manufacturing, including elevator and conveyor equipment, is sturdy and highly cost-effective while customized to fit your exact specifications

We source parts only from renowned suppliers such as: Schneider Electric, KEYENCE, Bosch Rexroth, and HENGSTLER.

Energy Efficiency


Through collaboration with Bulgaria Energy Efficiency Competitive Industry Financing Facility and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, STOK Engineering successfully completed a project in 2014 for upgrading energy-efficient manufacturing equipment, implementing renewable energy heating sources, and improving the overall energy efficiency of the company. By implementing the measures, the company reduced its impact on the environment, directly contributing towards EU’s objectives for environmental sustainability.

Stoyan Kiryakov

Stoyan Kiryakov, Founder & CEO

Manufacturing Facility

Stopanski Dvor, Kuklen 4101, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 889 356 229

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