Chocolate Tempering Machine

For master chocolatiers

The machine comes pre-programmed with automated tempering process: simply put melted chocolate inside and start the machine. Select dark, milk or white chocolate recipe or set up your own. The temperer automatically starts stirring once the chocolate is fully melted, and then rapidly cools it down to have it ready for shaping.


The chocolate temperer is designed for optimal productivity with easy operation, maintenance, and cleaning. Guided menus on the touchscreen enable full process customization and intuitive control.


With over 12 years of manufacturing, we have perfected the design for sturdiness, only using the highest grade electrical parts from German and Italian manufacturers. 1 year international warranty.


All machines are CE-certified by independent European laboratory, which attests to safe food-handling, electrical surge, and fire protection failsafes.


Chocolate Temperer and Options

Select just a temperer or bundle it with a vibrating mold shaker.

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