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Cake Donut Machines

Ideal for bakeries, fairs, concessions, and food trucks


Each machine is designed for optimal productivity with easy operation, maintenance, and cleaning. We offer high-end automatic and value manual machines.


With over 12 years of manufacturing, we have perfected the design for sturdiness, only using the highest grade electrical parts from German and Italian manufacturers. 1 year international warranty.


All machines are CE-certified by independent European laboratory, which attests to safe food-handling, electrical surge, and fire protection failsafes.


Compare Cake Donut Models

 We offer various models designed for different donut sizes and output needs.

The MP2 and MP3 donut machines are designed for automatic production of mini, midsize, and large cake donuts. Each machine is fitted with sufficient power and oil capacity to allow for continuous production of donuts during peak hours. The automation mechanism automatically dispenses donuts, utilizes rods to push them through the fryer, flips them in the middle, and finally takes the donuts out gradually to leave time for the excess oil to drain back into the fryer.

MP6 machine is a high-yield option for producing mini donuts. It is essentially a doubled MP3 machine, so it has double the output. We also offer the same option for double yield larger size donuts.

MP4 semi-automatic machine has a donut dispensing mechanism that can be rotated, and the donuts drop in the fryer via the press of a button. Donuts must be flipped manually inside the fryer.

MP1 is a combination of a hand-held dispenser and a fryer. It requires manual dispensing and flipping of the donuts. It the ideal economy option for businesses that do not require peak demand productivity.

STOK Engineering also offers equipment for production of yeast donuts. To find out more, please visit the yeast equipment page here.

Yeast Donut Equipment

STOK Engineering also offers specialized equipment for producing yeast donuts. For additional information please visit the following page.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    Please contact us to obtain pricing for the specific product you are interested in.


    All machines come with a 1-year warranty. We provide free parts for any repairs during the warranty period. After the warranty period expires, we provide free of charge diagnostics service and low cost replacement parts.

    CE Certificate2023-06-01T05:18:08+03:00

    The CE Certification of STOK Engineering’s donut machines ensures the machines comply with European Union’s food processing and safety requirements. The certification has been issued by an independent laboratory. You can download it here.

    Shipping and Lead Time2023-06-01T05:18:30+03:00

    Lead time can vary with available inventory and the stage of the current manufacturing cycle. We typically maintain stock for most MP donut machines.

    Donut machines are shipped via insured air freight directly from our manufacturing facility in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Shipping typically takes 3-5 business days within Europe and up to 10 business days to other international destinations.

    Contact us to inquire about availability, total shipping lead time, and cost.